Saturday, August 10, 2013

Newsroom Energy

By Allyson Chavez (Brooklyn, NY)

Students running around, counselors editing the last pieces of work: the SJP computer room is a real news room. With only two days before the paper is to be done, expectations are high. After ten days of extreme learning and exposure, there are only two lefts day. The lack of sleep and trying to cram as much information as possible has not been easy but it is rewarding and everything will be worth it when we all see the final piece; our talent will be tangible. The newspaper will be a confluence of a small part of each of us, it will be what makes these twelve days worth it. As the hours, minutes, and seconds pass by one can feel the intensify increase. If one was to look into the newsroom from the outside, one would think that it is a real news room. To be honest, it actually is.

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