Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm So Excited!

By Imani Ford (Chicago, IL)


I do not think I have ever been so excited! To be around people like me is a great experience. However, I notice how we are simultaneously alike and different. It's even better that we also share a common love, we all have our own unique and fresh ideas.  When I get a chance to actually stop and think about how life changing this is—which, by the way, is usually at twelve o’ clock at night—I cannot really grasp how lucky we all are. Every experience I have had so far has been an adventure. Whether I am taking part in or listening to fascinating debates between my fellow Summer Princetonians, or helping in the attempt to pry a seemingly locked door open so that we do not leave Xavier in the stacks of Firestone, or laughingly arguing about Harry Potter and Twilight with Asmaa and Lauren, I am soaking it all in.

I also got to know Richard better while discussing Chicago politics, which can be both depressing and fascinating. But I think we all agree most things are intriguing when you are discussing with Richard. Then later talking to Adrian and Lorena about music and politics was illuminating and fun. I feel immersed in intellectual conversation that I realize I have been craving like a breath of fresh air and this program is satisfying that appetite. I know that I am among real intellectuals and this will be a reminder for me when choosing a college and future friends. There is an almost perfect balance between us and I hope to continue to find that in teacher, friends, and mentors for the rest of my life. I find myself excited for the next day, but dreading the end. I think that that is when one knows the true value and greatness of something—like when you are reading a good book, or watching an engaging film, or having a random debate. The best part is that I know that I will always share this experience with the rest of you. Journalism always excites me, but with you guys Journalism and everything else is even more exciting. I cannot wait for all of us to feel that feeling—that “IT!” that Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty went searching for—when we see the 2013 Princeton Summer Journal and we know that anything can happen. I’m so excited!

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