Sunday, August 11, 2013

Journalism Fuel

Ashley Jones-Quaidoo (Hyattsville, MD)
Before I came to SJP, I didn’t understand the technical side of journalism. Over
the past nine days, I’ve learned a plethora of methods to journalism: conducting
interviews, creating data charts for information, verification, and attribution.
Being a journalist isn’t about the glamour and giving facts, it’s about telling a story
and informing the public. This is what I love. Journalism allows me to feed my
curiosity and hold people accountable. While at SJP, I’ve written several stories: ranging from A-Rod to the my generation’s self indulgence. Each article I’ve written has been different, but they have each allowed me to do one thing: Expand my base of knowledge. If you want a story, it’s
not about just talking to people and collecting information, it’s about RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. Let’s face it, we don’t know everything, but with a curious mind and the right resources you can educate yourself on any mind boggling topic. Through networking, creating stories, and meeting students from all of the country,

I have a greater appreciation for journalism. SJP has broaden my knowledge on various topics, but I will always be a life-long learner. SJP has given me greater confidence to pursue my career as a broadcast journalist. The directors and counselors believe in us and that means a lot to me.

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