Friday, August 9, 2013

Role Models at SJP

By Lesley Le Platte (Atlanta, GA) 

The counselors of SJP are some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They are creative, intelligent, funny, caring, and patient. Most of the counselors are alumni of this program. Most of the SJP alums are currently in college. Our counselors are an interesting cast of characters that make this experience both fun and memorable.

The counselors are a group of people that you can talk to about various subjects and topics. We have had conversations ranging from the domestication of animals to where to find the best ice cream in the town of Princeton, NJ. The topics we talk about can vary, but the main component of all of our conversation is respect. When you talk to a counselor, they never make you feel stupid or inferior. They respect my beliefs and listen to my arguments. We have debates that get pretty heated, but in the end, it is all in good fun.

The counselors at SJP are all very driven. They attend schools such as Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Harvard, as well as other prestigious institutions. The counselors that have graduated from college have great jobs. Some work in the field of journalism, but some do not. All in all, our counselors are awesome people and role models.

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