Monday, August 5, 2013

An Amazing Journey

By Mofida Abdelmageed (New York, NY)

The program so far has simply been amazing! The friendships that I gained are astonishing. I learned so much from both the counselors and fellow classmates. I enjoyed every aspect of the program. Although the program lacks hours for sleep, it makes me stronger and exposes me to college life. My favorite part of the day is group discussions because I learn to view situations with different perspectives. The first group discussion was about objectivity in journalism. I realized that 100% objectivity is impossible to gain in journalism because there will always be a bias. My writing skills improved because I learned how to condense my writing. My new friends make every moment enjoyable and memorable. I improved my debating skills and I became more reflective. I did new things such as interviewing baseball fans. Interviewing strangers was a new experience for me, but I loved it. Through this program I keep discovering and exploring new things about journalism and everyone in the program. This program has been a great opportunity.

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