Monday, August 5, 2013

Mirror of the Mind

By Jingwei Zhang (Oakland, CA)

Yesterday in his Television Journalism workshop, Melvin McCray gave us what he considered his life-changing technique: mirror of the mind.

"Mirror of the mind" is a technique where one literally imagines what one wants one's future life to be. According to Melvin, "if one can conceive it, one can achieve it."

Not only did Melvin graduate from Princeton University, but his work at ABC News has also garnered him a lot of acclaim. Melvin envisioned himself teaching and entertaining a large audience, and through hard work and his "mirror of the mind" technique, he managed to become what he had always wanted.

When I applied for the Princeton Summer Journal Program, I knew how competitive the admissions process would be. Even though I did not know about the "mirror of the mind," I completed my application and interview with a sense of confidence, satisfied knowing that I had tried my best. I had envisioned myself at the airport, ready to enter the world of journalism. On Aug. 1, on the plane, I knew that I had made it. 

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