Monday, August 5, 2013

Slip of the Hand

By Lorena Alvarez (Tustin, CA)

Splitting into news groups is actually one of the many events I look forward to each day. It allows us to have more one on one time with counselors, advisers, and other participants. The conversations you have with your news group are probably the most informative, intellectual, and sincere conversations you will ever have. 

Today was no exception. We went on a mini field trip and visited the Lewis Library Building, designed by Frank Gehry. I had been aware of his work prior to learning that he had actually designed the Lewis Library Building, and finding out a little more about architecture only further convinced me to pursue more knowledge about it. 

Soon after that library, Richard played a major role in our next adventure at Princeton's Firestone Library. The thing about Firestone Library is that it is the largest open-stack library in the entire world, which only made us want to see it more. Richard simply stepped inside the library and told us to wait. Fortunately, he was able to convince those at the front desk to allow us to enter. 

As we explored the underground levels of the enormous library, we found locker-like carrels that students use to work on their senior theses. I thought they looked very claustrophobic!
 One of the students stepped in and slid the door over the entry, and then I shut it compeltely. It didn't cross my mind that it might not open from the inside! At this point we bursted out in laughter since we clearly did not understand the gravity of the situation. Xavier then informed us that he was unable to open from the inside, which made Richard flip out. I could feel my cheeks flush red in embarrassment and in guilt. Luckily, Xavier was able to open the carrel and we laughed it off.

It's usually the little things and events like this that make my day. It will be the event that ties us in on a personal level, which is incredible considering that it is only the fourth day of the program. I am looking forward to many moments like this in the program, because in the end, these are the moments you will recall after the program ends. 


  1. Great writing. Your article kept me engaged. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Buen trabajo Lorena. Echale ganas.

    ~tu papa :)