Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crunch Time!

By Miguel Diaz (The Bronx, NY)

It's crunch time! SJP students are finalizing their chosen articles for the Summer Journal, and all of our stories are coming along pretty well! On Friday, the group traveled to Philadelphia to cover an Eagles vs. Patriots football game live from the press box! All of us students were very excited as we took our seats in our designated spots and took in the amazing view of the football field before us. 
We watched the game and enjoyed the complementary refreshments and foods that were available to us.

It was such an amazing experience and opportunity to be able to sit in the press box and look at the game from a different perspective.
Today, we transitioned into actual "crunch time." We started the day with different workshops and guest speakers, including a workshop where we were able to play the role of Supreme Court justices and play a deciding role in two critical cases in United States history. We also had a very diverse choice of foods, from Indian foods to Korean food. The rest of the day consisted of writing and editing our chosen stories for the journal. I can't wait to see the finished product of our journal and see all our hard work pay off!

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