Saturday, August 10, 2013

Near the Far

Mofida Abdelmageed (Brooklyn, NY)


As the Princeton Summer Journalism Program comes to an end, I want to reflect on my adventure. This program was incredible, and I learned so much throughout the days from both counselors and fellow students. The experience was simply terrific. With our busy schedule, I was always occupied. I did things and went places I normally would not go. I went to a baseball game, a football game, and watched a great movie ("The Way Way Back") with my friends. I tried a lot of cultural food, including Korean and Greek. I also enjoyed the sing alongs we had on the bus from our trips.

I learned to adapt to the hectic schedule of a true journalist. For instance, we were still writing articles at 12:40 am. The friendships I gained are unbelievable. I met people from all over the country with different backgrounds. Everyone has a different personality. The counselors understood when I needed help with getting something done for school. I remember Erica asking me about it the next morning. Everyone cared for each other. 

The opportunities this program gave us were endless. The guests speakers that I met influenced me to stand up for what I believe in and to explore the world. I went to the New York Times building and the Journalists impressed me a lot. I will dearly miss everyone. I would have never imagined the story of my adventure to end like this, but one should always "expect the unexpected".        

This is not a goodbye, but an "Until we meet again."

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