Monday, August 5, 2013

Program Should be Extended!

By Jeanne Li (New York, NY)

It's been three days since we stepped onto the Princeton campus. Yet, it feels as if weeks had gone by. Within our packed schedule, SJP has had several surprises. Yesterday, we were surprised again. Melvin McCray, formerly of ABC News, had set up two cameras, each in a separate room.  We were going to interview each other about our SJP experience on camera! 

I debated whether to be on camera and eventually decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to record my thoughts on SJP thus far into the program.  So I went on camera even though my dark under eye circles had made me look like a panda.  Surprisingly, the interview was so quick that I didn’t even feel it end.

The main thing I remembered deeply was the last question:  What would you change about the program? Although it is only the third day into the program and I am already extremely tired and super sleep deprived, I gave the one answer I know I probably won’t change my mind upon:  please extend the program!

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