Saturday, August 10, 2013

Almost Goodbyes

Imani Ford (Chicago, IL)

Writing the Staff Editorial piece was so sad. It was like we were already saying goodbye. Honestly I don’t like goodbyes. I mean, I literally hate it when a movie ends, so you know I teared up when I was reading the end of the piece and I realized the program was almost over. Too bad it hasn’t been edited for a second time yet, I hope Richard likes it. I think the ending was just golden. I told Lauren that I wanted to look back at the 2013 Princeton Summer Journal in ten years and cry when I read it. I legitimately did almost cry in the newsroom just reading the rough draft; the final draft will be really good. I hope everyone likes it because I want it to accurately encompass all of our experiences together. Only two days left! It feels like I was just getting off the train on the first day. Time just flies; but then again I know by now nothing this good lasts forever. Now I hate almost-goodbyes, too! I love you guys. Bye.

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