Friday, August 9, 2013

Coming From a Public School

By Allyson Chavez (New York, NY)

Coming from a public school in Harlem, one tends to forget what an articulate argument sounds like. SJP is a confluence of different perspectives and beliefs. “We don’t have to tolerate each other but we do have to respect each other,” said Richard Just, one of the four founders of SJP. During our class discussion no one is scared to disagree with anyone else or to defend a controversial argument; at SJP every perspective is accepted. During my high school career I have been deprived of discussions and real-world arguments. During English class, I was always scared to discuss my perspective on topics because after I spoke, no one else would want to follow. SJP is filled with brilliant counselors who beseech us to lose ourselves within our arguments. Before SJP  I did not have anyone to engage in arguments with. SJP has actually made me even hungrier for educated arguments and articulate discussions. I feel like I have found a place where my insight is not only accepted but also cherished.

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