Monday, August 5, 2013

Light of the Future

By Kathy Kang (Camarillo, CA) 

If I could describe my summer, I would say it was a one big cut of black and white film
 that enabled me to sketch my future. Life before coming to SJP was like an orange-colored tunnel; I drove endlessly, aimlessly in the dark. I blindly did what the education magazines told me to do without having a concrete learning experience. I was never given a chance to experience what real journalism is. SJP, in that way, was like the light at the end of the tunnel. SJP means so much to me; having been able to interact with amazing counselors and mentors I always imagined to have, to communicate with students with similar interests despite such diverse backgrounds each individuals came from, and to experience an amazing atmosphere of intelligence were such a huge blessing for me to have. These wonderful days all together are recollections I will never be able to forget and I am truly excited to spend another week with SJP. 

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