Monday, August 5, 2013

Advocating for the Global Community

By Daisy Gomez (San Diego, CA)

Whenever I thought of my career in journalism, I always imagined working locally to help non-profits and programs for the underprivileged. Yesterday's speech about foreign correspondence by Griff Witte really made me think about people in other countries. People in the United States may need help, but there are places around the world where people are in desperate need of a voice. If I ever decided to participate or become a foreign correspondence, I would cover more of how war affects women and children or how revolutions affect students in schools. Instead of focusing on the large issues that the public is aware of such as the wars and revolutions, I would focus more about how that affects the people, their education, their health, and even their way of thinking. Although, I must admit that I would be terrified of reporting from a place where I cannot speak the language and one that is really dangerous, I would want to at least write one article as a foreign correspondent. I wanted to become a journalist to advocate for my community, but if I could at least advocate for someone who I know completely nothing about, it would make my job feel a little bit more rewarding.

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