Sunday, August 4, 2013

Varied Responses to MLB's Decision

By Sara Solano (New York, New York) 

On August 3, 2013, Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez played in what many thought could’ve been his last game ever. Rodriguez was awaiting a suspension after being investigated for using performance-enhancing drugs. 

The crowd was filled with angry and frustrated spectators. “It’s infuriating to watch him pretend that nothing happened,” said Shaw O’Brian, a 30-year-old Phillies fan. O’Brian said that Rodriguez should be suspended for life for lying about using PEDs. 

“He’s not worth the money,” said 27-year-old Princeton University alum Matthew Incantalupo. “I don’t think that his performance is at the level of his contract.”

However, many fans still considered Rodriguez a great player, and thought that he deserved some support despite his mistakes. “I think it’s ridiculous, everybody makes mistakes,” said Frank, a 29-year-old hardcore Yankees fan who didn’t want to give his last name. He said that Rodriguez received a much harsher treatment than many other players in similar situations.

Ultimately, Rodriguez was suspended through the end of the 2014 season. Rory Shelley, a 42-year-old Yankees fan, said he was indifferent to the ruling. “At least he’s not banned for life,” he said. 

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