Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dream Job: New York Times

By Jhazalyn Prince (Brooklyn, NY)

Being from New York, it may not have been as exciting for me to take a trip to the sleepless city, but I did enjoy the tours/discussions we received in New York Times, Newsweek and New York Magazine. Ever since I began to consider journalism as a career option. working at the New York Times has become my dream job. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, newspaper publishers in the world. I personally turn to New York Times for any assignments I have, or if I simply want to read a great quality article. Although this is my view, my favorite had to be Newsweek. The workplace is small but comfortable and quiet, the building has an eccentric but modern building, and everything seemed very high-tech as if in preparation for the new media age. New York Magazine seemed to also be very high-tech and had a beautiful large building. It was also exciting to visit the publications were Richard and Katie work.

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