Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ending SJP

Navil Perez (Thorton. Colorado)

The Princeton University Summer Journalism Program ended as quickly as it started. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that this morning could have potentially been the last time I would be woken up by sleepy counselors knocking at the door (because ain’t nobody planning on sleeping tonight). 

I never expected call someone a “friend” after only 10 days; I much less expected to become as attached to a group of people as I have become. The frustrations of sleepless nights, stress of deadlines and sing-a-longs have built the strong bond which unites us.
Now that the program is coming to an end I am genuinely sad to leave. I am keeping this blog post short because I want to enjoy the last 24 hours I have with my amazing peers.

SJP Fo’ Lyf

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