Monday, August 5, 2013

Tests Aren't Everything

By Kina Carney (Philadelphia, PA)

Those of you who are reading this have most likely been to college or are in college, therefore you may be able to relate to what you are about to read. Many teens do not have the proper support in their schools mainly because of the student-to-counselor ratio. A lot of students suffer because of these numbers and many may receive wrong information or no personal attention. One thing students are not aware of is that they can apply to as many schools as they want. Now here is the reason why most counselors don't tell their students that: it is more work for them. A lot of counselors that work in high schools are underpaid and older, therefore students suffer. Another important factor—maybe the most important detail about the college process, especially for those who are not good at taking tests: most colleges are interested in YOU as a person. A student may have strong grades, but have a weak test score—and that is okay! Personally, I have really good college counselors but I think there is definitely a limit on what they have to offer me. I feel very excited about working with my SJP counselors to apply to college!

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