Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Unforgettable Experience

By Jhazalyn Prince (New York, NY) 

When you want something really bad, you tend to want it so much that it feels feasible. You can see it, taste it, and even touch it without actually having fully obtained it. This is how I felt during the application process to get into the Princeton Summer Journalism Program. It was something that I was convinced I would attain. I guess that’s why for a lot of the time I was calm. There was both serenity and tension in writing the major article of the application form: a subtle nibble at the fingernails, a frenzy of preoccupation, the vibrating flutter of a heartbeat. 

Then came the interviews at a towering building in the crowded streets of Manhattan. Having to tilt my head back and shield my eyes with the palm of my hand in an attempt to see the rooftop through the blinding stream of light, an elevator humming up what seemed to be an endless number of floors ticking away slowly. Faces that welcomed with a wide smile and questions that caused me to think beyond common knowledge. It was quick and of course there was that doubt that I hadn’t had quite enough to say or I had said a little too much.But now I am here, surrounded by a welcoming community of peers and mentors who have already brought me a long way. Days full of intense activities that challenge my mind. An experience that many others would have loved but unfortunately will not be able to have. I made it.

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