Monday, August 5, 2013

Marvelous McCray

By Navil Perez (Thornton, CO)

I had always wanted to make a documentary. I feel the need to record everything; every moment that is not traced makes me feel like we are letting a piece of our lives be forgotten. The only thing originally keeping me from creating my documentary was the lack of a camera. Junior year, when I finally had to the opportunity to create my documentary as a part of a research project, I let the lack of a camera hold me back—or so I told myself. However, in reality my lack of resources was not the hindering force, because if I wanted a camera all I had to do was ask. I was the hindering force. I was not confident in my ability to create a quality documentary.

Yesterday my confidence was boosted. Melvin McCray came in and talked to us about the process of making a documentary. He also showed us clips of documentaries that he created and ones that students created. The streaming of a Harlem Renaissance student’s documentary was the highlight of the presentation. Being able to see another student’s efforts made me think “If another students was able to make a documentary why the heck do I think I can’t.” I am now more committed than ever to my documentary.

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