Friday, August 9, 2013

Finally Getting Back in the Game

By Erick Arzate (Chicago, IL)

My junior year in high school I joined my school’s newspaper, The Cougar Print. The students who get to write for the Cougar Print are those who take journalism as a class. I did not even choose to be put in the class; I was just sort of thrown in there. For me, being put in the journalism class was one of those things that you feel happen for a reason. I’m really glad my school exposed to journalism because I don’t think I would have pursued journalism if it weren't for the class. For the rest of the year I embraced writing for my school’s paper as much as I could but then the seniors, the majority of the journalism class, graduated so there was no June issue published.

By the time I arrived at SJP, it been several months since I had written an article.  The second day at SJP I finally got to dive back into journalism; I wrote an article about Alex Rodriguez, one of the most famous MLB players, and how he could be playing his last game in his career due to a suspension. I loved the adrenaline I got from writing a news article while being in a room filled with journalists. I don’t even follow sports all that much but I was just such a great feeling. What made it feel even better was that I went to the actual game and got to interact with the A-Rod fan and the A-rod haters was just an awesome experience. Not only did I got to dive back into journalism after several months but I dove deeper than I ever did writing for the Cougar Print.
SJP provides this amazing atmosphere that gives me a rush like no other. Everyone here can make you laugh and love journalism as much as I do. I have only been here for four days but it’s already a very memorable experience. This is kind of a cliché, but I will never forget being here. 

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